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Treadle sewing machine belts, treadle sewing machine parts

Your "one stop" supplier for treadle parts. Belts, bobbins, needles, shuttles, carriers & books.

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NEW! "CRINKLE" TOYS Pattern Book  Babies and small children love toys that crinkle when they are squeezed.  The "Crinkle Toys" pattern book contains 10 of the most popular toys, including blocks, elephant, bunny rabbit, "Smiley" the crinkle baby, dog, whale, cat, turtle, stars and  fish, with patterns and instructions for making the toys.  Make the toys from fabric scraps in your sewing room, or use co-ordinating fabric being used in the baby's room, as shown in the picture.

Crinkle Toys Pattern Book instant download:  $9.95

The Crinkle Toys Patterns are also available as full size patterns, which come packaged with enough crinkle material to make all the toys plus some.


Pattern CT4901M - 10 Crinkle Toy Patterns $14.95 + $4.00 P&H

(Includes the crinkle material!)

Crinkle Material - Make any toy a "crinkle" toy for your baby or toddler with this Crinkle Material.  Or make a "baby's first book" with fabric pages, pictures, and of course the pages will "crinkle" by inserting crinkle material between the pages. Crinkle material is clear and makes a wonderful crinkle sound when squeezed.

#CrMat - Crinkle Material - 6' long x 40" wide   -- $3.95 + $1.50 P&H

Need something unique to make for a gift? Want to make something different that everybody else doesn't already have? Sarah's Sewing Supplies Pattern parade offers many different ideas and patterns for gifts, for your own personal use, or to make and sell as part of your craft items.

"Patch "Puff" Quilt Pattern". Step by step instructions for the easiest to make, hardest to resist quilt ever. The "puffs" make this quilt look like you worked much harder than you actually did while giving it a pillowy soft comfort everyone will love!
PPQ-106 Patch "Puff" Quilt Pattern $3.00

"Pillow/Reversible Blanket". This reversible blanket is a real space saver when you fold it up for storage inside an attached pillow. The perfect pillow/blanket for traveling. You'll want to make one for every child in the family, plus have a couple of extras!
PR-120 Pillow/Reversible Blanket Pattern $3.00

"Beautiful Butterfly Quilt Pattern". Super easy to make! Instructions for quilt, wall hangings, and appliques for clothing. Grided pattern pieces can be used as they are for the quilt project, or can be reduced or enlarged for other projects. Use your fabric scraps to make these beautiful butterflies!
BBQ-207 Beautiful Butterfly Quilt Pattern $3.00

"Portable Playhouse Pattern". This fabric playhouse slips over any standard card table and will provide hours of fun for the children. Because it is washable, the one piece design eliminates the problem of losing parts. Pattern includes instructions for 8 different styles.
PPP-202 Portable Playhouse Pattern $3.00

"Giant Denim Pocket Laundry Bag Pattern". Hang this giant pocket on the inside of a closet door for an "out of the way" laundry bag. Great for teenagers and pre-teens. Easy to make, and will keep the dirty clothes off the floor!
PLB-203 Giant Denim Pocket Laundry Bag Pattern $3.00

"Wall Hangings for Children". Decorate your child's room or give as gifts. Includes two patterns for pocketed wall hangings -- a "snake of pockets" and a "multi-pocket organizer" for older children. Helps encourage the child to keep a tidy room.
WHC-204 Wall Hangings for Children $3.00

"Patio-Beach Pillow-Towel". An excellent gift for the beach lovers or those who spend many summertime hours on their patio. This pillow-towel is practical to give and easy to make. Make one for yourself and one to give away!
PBP-205 Patio-Beach Pillow-Towel $3.00

"Sailboat Wall Hanging". Perfect gift for any boy. Makes a striking addition to his room. Very colorful and easy to follow step by step instructions.
SWH-206 Sailboat Wall Hanging $3.00



"Satin Rose Pattern". Make these satin roses and fill them with rice, birdseed, almonds or potpourri and use them for wedding favors or for decorations. These flowers will spice up any room and they will never wilt! Use colors to match your wedding or decor or try lace for a different look.
SRP-107 Satin Rose Pattern $3.00

"Designer Jewelry". Make earrings, pins, buttons or barrettes. Use everyday, unusual or holiday designs. You are only as limited as your imagination. Perfect for projects for teens to make then to sell, or make and use for gifts, or just make a variety of designer jewelry for yourself!
DJ-106 Designer Jewelry $3.00

"Gorgeous Bow Pillows". These beautiful, double looped bows, puffed to inviting plumpness, add instant great new looks to a couch or bed. Make double or single bows. Make them out of bright floral country prints, or out of rich moire or taffeta fabrics. Just make a lot of them, because all of your friends will want some!
GBP-103 Gorgeous Bow Pillows $3.00

"Project Case Pattern". The perfect place to keep your "in progress" projects. Everything is in one place and ready to work on. If you're going out of town just grab the "project case" so you can work on the project in the car without worrying whether you're remembering everything you need to work on the project. Make two or three so you can keep those projects separated, yet handy to pick up and work on.
PCP-110 Project Case Pattern $3.00


"Padded Picture Frame". This "designer" picture frame is perfect to give with a family picture. The step by step instructions makes this pattern easy to make. Make one for your office and just see how many others will be requesting you to make one for them. We know... we've done it!!
PPF-111 Padded Picture Frame $3.00

Send orders to: Sarah Doyle, 3412 Holt Circle, #C Pensacola, FL 32526. For faster service, call 1-800-883-2348 or 850-944-7570.  For MasterCard/Visa orders, fill out our on-line order form, or E-mail orders to sarah@sewwithsarah.com Add 1.50 postage and handling for 1-3 patterns $2.50 for 4-7 patterns 8 or more patterns shipped FREE. 

Note:  The Crinkle Toys Pattern booklet is priced separately - $9.95 for the download and $14.95 + $3.50 for the "mail" version, which includes crinkle material as well as the patterns.

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