Sewing Machine Repair As A Home Business Book


Imagine your own PART TIME sewing machine repair business bringing in $30,000+ each year! Even if you have never touched a sewing machine, I will teach you how to become an EXPERT sewing machine repairman!


Imagine your own PART TIME sewing machine repair business bringing in $30,000+ each year!

Even if you have never touched a sewing machine, I will teach you how to become an EXPERT sewing machine repairman!

Sewing machine repair is one of the fastest growing professions in the world today!  More than ever before, a profitable home business is where people are making fortunes.  Job security in America has ended.  Build your own security right in your own home!  The average home business now earns over $50,000 a year, and growing.  You only get one whack at life.  Why not build your own home business that gives YOU freedom, security, prosperity and control of your life?

Statistics show that over 85,000,000 (Yes, that’s 85 million) American women, because of the high cost of ready to wear garments, as well as poor quality workmanship, are now making most of the clothing for their entire family.

Sewing magazines, fabric stores, high schools and colleges are encouraging women to do their own sewing, as well as sewing for their children, husbands, boy-friends, etc.  Most of these women find true satisfaction and enjoyment in making the family wardrobes on their own sewing machines!

Sewing machines need to be serviced AT LEAST once per year or more if problems come up in the middle of a sewing project.  Sewing machines in places of business (dry cleaners, hospitals, schools, etc.) need to be cleaned and adjusted QUARTERLY.

When you consider the fact that there are 85 million or more sewing machines in homes today, not counting another ten million sewing machines in grade schools, high schools, colleges, dry cleaners, tailor shops, hospitals, major department stores, prisons, homes for children, correctional homes, there is a NEVER ENDING SUPPLY of sewing machines that need to be cleaned, adjusted, timed, etc.

“Sewing Machine Repair As A Home Business” teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about how to repair sewing machines.  We assume that you have had no previous experience in repairing sewing machines.  However, if you have had some experience with sewing machines you will learn how to use your knowledge to your best advantage.  Step by step instructions as well as hundreds of illustrations and diagrams show sewing machine parts, proper adjustments, cleaning, timing, changing and adjusting tensions.  We teach you how to properly clean and lubricate machines, how to check out troubles such as needle breakage, skipped stitches, breaking thread, thread jamming in the bobbin; how to select the correct needle, plus much, much more.

“Sewing Machine Repair As A Home Business” gives detailed information on how to start up and run this business as well as sample ads to run, customer information cards, how to charge customers, plus hints and tips on how to get customers, and sure fire methods of getting dozens of referrals from your customers!  Also included is a listing of wholesalers where parts and sewing items can be purchased at wholesale cost.  We teach you how to make additional sales after the repair job which can add HUNDREDS of dollars to the profits you’re already enjoying.

Can you really be a successful sewing machine repairman?  ABSOLUTELY!  After just a chapter or two you’ll be “chomping at the bit” to get to work!  We suggest that you go to some yard sales or flea market and buy a cheap used sewing machine or two.  These will be your “practice” machines.  Following the instructions in “Sewing Machine Repair As A Home Business” you’ll have these machines running smoothly in just a little while.  And, don’t forget, you can turn around and sell the machines you’ve repaired to make back the money you spent on them PLUS SOME PROFIT!  (Talk about someone paying you to learn your business!!!)

TRAIN AT HOME!  You don’t have to quit your present job to get into the lucrative field of sewing machine repair.  One or two evenings a week will get you in business in just a few weeks.  A little more time spent in reading “Sewing Machine Repair As A Home Business” and working on your “practice” machines will get you out into the real world of sewing machine repair in just a couple of weeks!  Think about it — no lay offs!  Wide open field!  You’re the boss!!!  Plenty of business waiting!  Work when YOU want to work!  Ignore inflation!  Command big money for your services!  Easy to get started!  Earn more part time than most people do working 40-60 hours a week!  No special tools needed to do this tremendous business!  Huge profit potential!

As a sewing machine repairman for over 25 years, I have seen just about every type of sewing machine problem that there is.  It is this 25 years of experience that I have put together in one clear, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand book that will get YOU started quickly in this “better than any other home based money-making business”.

Other people are getting rich from their PART TIME home based businesses.  Why not YOU?  Why not NOW?

“Sewing Machine Repair as a Home Business” gives complete instructions exactly how to repair a sewing machine and continues on through to how to advertise and market your services, gives all the forms and samples needed to get in business quickly.  It is interesting to note that it is just average everyday folks like you and me that are looking for a better way to earn a living, or have a desire to get more out of life, or simply want extra money for a new car, new carpeting in the house, college money for the children, that are getting into the home based businesses and are making fortunes from it!

“Sewing Machine Repair As A Home Business”

* Gives step-by-step instructions on how to repair 90% of sewing machine problems.

* Allows you to train at home.

* Easy to learn – one or two nights a week will get you started.

* No special tools required.

* Detailed information on how to start your Sewing Machine Repair Business.

* One simple test will fix over 25% of all repair jobs.

* 10 point maintenance check list tells immediately what the problem is.

* $50 to $100 per hour PROFIT.

* Work when you want to work – part time or full time.

* Manual reveals simple method that gives sewing machine business to YOU instead of the sewing machine dealers – GUARANTEED!

* One simple task that’s usually overlooked can DOUBLE your business.

* Sure fire method of getting dozens of referrals!

* Shows how to set up your “home” office.

* Teaches you how to keep track of repair jobs for future use.

* Tells why this is absolutely the BEST home based business!

“Sewing Machine Repair As A Home Business” contains “million-dollar” facts and instructions that’ll help you start your own lucrative home based business right away.  Quickly!  Easily!  Once you see how easy it is to do sewing machine repair, how easy it is to get the business, then listen for the phone calls to start coming in wanting to schedule a sewing repair job (at a time that is convenient for YOU), then experience the thrill of seeing those $50, $60, $75, $100 checks all made out to YOU for your sewing machine repair services, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!


Question: Isn’t it difficult to learn sewing machine repair?
Answer: Absolutely not! “Sewing Machine Repair as a Home Business” is written in a clear, easy-to-read, step-by-step method that takes you “by the hand” to teach you how to do sewing machine repair.

Question: I don’t have money to buy a lot of extra tools and equipment. What do I do?
Answer: You don’t need extra specialized tools. The tools you already have in your tool box are all you’ll need to get you started.

Question: How do I get customers?
Answer: We cover this topic in great detail, telling you who are prospects and how to get information out to them, letting them know about your business.

Question: What if I don’t have much money to work with?
Answer: The only money you’ll need to start is to purchase the “Sewing Machine Repair as a Home Business” training manual. We’ll show you how to get started for pennies, and teach you methods of getting repeat business and additional business for just pennies, as well as how to get advertising for your business FREE!

Question: I work rotating shifts – that’s why I can’t a part time job, but I need extra money.
Answer: This is the PERFECT business for you!!! Sewing machine repair jobs can be set up to fit into YOUR schedule! If someone calls Monday and you’re not free until Tuesday after 3 pm, that’s when you’d schedule the repair job.

Question: How much money can I make doing sewing machine repair?
Answer: I can’t give you a definite dollar amount. I can say that the business is out there! With guidance and step-by-step instructions that our training manual provides, the sky is the limit. Some sewing machine repairmen are making $15,000 to $50,000 and more per year. The actual amount of money will be determined by how many sewing machine repair jobs you WANT to do. Of course, as referrals and repeat business comes in, you’ll be surprised and pleased at how little time you are actually spending and how much money you are making with this business!

Question: What do I need to do to get started?
Answer: “Sewing Machine Repair as a Home Business” is the beginning! With this training manual and your own initiative, you can be “up and in business” within two weeks! (The amount of time you have to give to the learning process will determine how long it will take to get you on your first repair job.) You’ll find this business to be great fun, and the potential for big earnings is tremendous!

Question: How many pages does the manual have?
Answer: “Sewing Machine Repair as a Home Business” is a complete manual –  with 218 information packed pages with diagrams and illustrations to go along with all the instructions.

DON’T DELAY!  Order today!  Get yourself on the road to financial independence!