How To Alter Patterns For Overweight Children – Waist (Tutorial)

A large waist is common with overweight children, plus size children and obese children.  Many times it’s just the waist/abdomen area that’s bigger than normal, but sometimes the hips are bigger as well.  Here are two ways to check the commercial (store bought) pattern that you’re trying to alter for that overweight child:











(A)  WAIST/HIP – Check your child’s waist and hip measurements and compare them to the measurements on the pattern.  If the amount of change is the same for both, make the necessary change at the center front and center back lines.  Draw in the new skirt lines as shown with dashed lines.

(B)  LARGE WAIST – To make the waist larger, just extend the front and back waist line each 1/4 the total necessary amount.  Draw in the new waist to hipline curve as shown with dashed lines.

For more in depth information about altering patterns for overweight children, plus size children and obese children, check out our book  “Altering Store Bought Patterns For Hard To Fit Children”.   This book contains 70 pages and covers the alteration process for every garment you’d want to make for boys and girls, including large abdomens, large hips and derriere, larger than normal chest, adjusting the crotch length and much more.  Each alteration process has step by step instructions and diagrams.

If you’d like to try your hand at making your own patterns for overweight children, plus size children and obese children, we have classes available for both boys and girls!  Simply take the measurements of the one you are sewing for and follow our step by step directions on how to make dozens and dozens of different styles.

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