How To Convert Store Bought Patterns Into Maternity Styles (Tutorial) – NEW

Nice looking stylish maternity patterns and maternity clothing are usually very hard to find – especially if you’re not an “average” size.   Petite maternity clothing or plus size maternity clothing are very difficult to match the size you really need.  Even if the size is available, how many different “styles” of maternity clothes are available.  Pregnant women usually have very little to choose from, and if you’d like to have “modest” styles, there is almost nothing available.

Changing  regular “store bought” patterns into maternity styles is exactly what it sounds like — take the normal patterns that you like to use, and have on hand and change them so they can be used as maternity patterns.  Our practice blouse begins with a simple top that has a back neck zipper closure.










This first pattern is using any back zipper closing top that you like to wear.  We’re going to add the yoke and fullness to make it into a maternity style.

1.  To determine where to begin the “yoke” portion, measure up 4.5 cm (1 3/4″) from the horizontal lower armhole line, as indicated above.  If your blouse pattern doesn’t have a horizontal lower armhole line, simply draw in your own line, then use that line as a guide to position the cutting line for the yoke.  Extend the new yoke line 7 cm (2 3/4″) out as shown on both the front and back bodice pieces (this will be the extra allowance for the gathers.

2.  At the lower front measure down 3 cm (1 1/4″) to allow for the tummy expansion, and draw in the new slightly curved line.

3.  At the lower armhole point measure out .5 cm (1/4″) to give the extra room needed in the armhole area.  (NOTE:  If you’re using a pattern that has sleeves, you’ll want to measure out the .5 cm (1/4″) on the lower sleeve edges as well, and re-draw the curve on the sleeve (if you neglect to do this, the sleeve won’t fit into the opening.)










4.  When finished drawing in the new “yoke” line and adjusting the armhole edges, etc, you are ready to cut the paper pattern pieces.  After cutting the yoke portion from the remainder of the front bodice, it is necessary to “remove” the dart.

5.  On the paper pattern draw a short vertical line from the bust point to the yoke.  Next cut the short vertical line to the bust point (this is done on the paper pattern, NOT on the fabric!).  Fold the original dart together.  As you fold the original dart, it will spread the “cut” line on the pattern and will get rid of the original dart, as well as make a little extra room for gathers.

6.  The back yoke is drawn and cut from the bottom part of the pattern in the same manner as the front.

7.  When you pin the pattern pieces to the fabric, be sure to leave enough room between yoke and lower bodice to draw in the new 5/8″ seam lines (shown here with dashed lines).

8.  When doing the sewing of the garment, of course you’ll be putting the front pattern piece and the yoke on a fold, and the back yoke and lower pattern piece will be along a selvage edge because of the zipper closure.

9.  Pin and sew the front and back lower bodice pieces to the respective yokes, gathering the lower bodice onto the yoke.  After this part is finished you can follow the pattern package sewing directions for the remainder of the of the blouse.

You can see how easy it is to change a store bought pattern into a maternity blouse.  Just a few simple changes to the patterns will give you a huge wardrobe of maternity clothes!  In addition, many of the maternity clothes can be changed back into regular clothing after the baby is born! Whether you’re looking for maternity dresses, maternity evening wear, maternity bridal gowns, maternity pants or whatever type of maternity clothes and maternity wear you’d like, this on line downloadable sewing class is all you need to get started on your sewing projects. There are two “converting store bought patterns into maternity styles”  classes available – one for the regular S-XL size ranges, and the Full Figure class for those who are 1X – 8X size ranges.

Check out our other “mini” classes (free tutorials) to see how easily you can make changes to your basic pattern.  Once you’ve made the first change, you’ll want to “jump in” and start doing all kinds of make-overs to your pattern!  Now you can use that ONE basic blouse/dress pattern that finally fits and literally have dozens and dozens of new styles!

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