How To Make A Thread Hanger (Tutorial)

Thread Hanger – Super simple, but VERY popular with everyone that sews!!

One of the handiest gifts you could give to the sewer or crafter is our “thread hanger”.  It can be hung on the back of a chair within easy reach for hand work, or can be taken along in a car so you can do your hand work while riding and not have to “chase” your spools of thread around the car.


Begin with an ordinary coat hanger and loosen the top with pliers and straighten it out.  Wrap the wire with ribbon, catching the ribbon at the ends with a few stitches, or just leave the hanger as it is.  String many spools of thread on the wire, using an assortment of colors, and put it back in shape.  Decorate the handle with ribbons or a big bow.  At the end of the ribbons tie small strawberry or heart shaped pin cushions.  When thread is needed it can be pulled from the spool easily without removing the spool from the thread hanger.