If You Own A Sewing Machine, Here Are Easy Ways To Make Extra Money

+++ Now that school has started, we’ve had several e-mails from customers who are already thinking about the upcoming Holiday Season, and the expenses that are associated with that time of year. Some have asked if there’s anything we know about where they can make some extra money, or what can they do about giving quality gifts without spending a fortune.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that everyone of you that has a sewing machine, already has a perfect opportunity to make some extra spending money doing clothing alterations. You can spread the word to your friends and neighbors that you’re doing alterations. You can do the “easy” things like hems, waist bands, repairs, etc., or you can get into the more difficult items; the choice is yours. For extra information on getting started, how to price your work, etc., I’d recommend the book “How to Start a Profitable Sewing Alteration Business”. For details see http://AlterationBiz.com

By starting early, there are many gifts that can be made for nearly everyone on your Holiday gift giving list – for the babies and toddlers you can find many possible gift ideas at http://NurseryRoomProjects.com  and http://Patterns2Go.com.  Check this site for various patterns that could be perfect for those on your gift list.  There are also many gift ideas in the free project book that comes with the purchase of the unique 12 in 1 Magic Ruler – see additional information about this tool at http://SewWithSarah.com – click on “notions”, then you’ll see the information for “Magic Ruler”. 

+++ September is National Sewing Month, so this is perfect timing to get started on the fall and winter sewing, as well as the gifts.

+++ We had a super suggestion from a reader that we’d like to pass along. D. Smythe from Michigan writes that every fall as soon as school starts and she’s “back to normal”, she goes through her sewing room and takes out the stacks of fabric and the patterns that she’s accumulated. Next she matches some fabrics to patterns that she can work on immediately; then takes out the craft project ideas that she’s kept all year and matches fabric to some of them as well as looking over the list of people she’ll need gifts for, so that some fabric/projects can be used as gifts. By starting in September she has plenty of time to make the gifts, as well as begin looking for fabric and supplies to make some of the other gift “projects” that she can use for Christmas.

+++ If you’ve decided to use Mrs. Smythe’s suggestion, be sure to check patterns for fabric requirements — some patterns are designed to be used with knits, others are designed to be used with wovens. Read the pattern packages carefully so you won’t be disappointed with the results later.

+++ For those doing alterations you’ll know that ripping out a seam line on dark fabrics is almost impossible to do. If you run a tailors chalk line down the seam line, you’ll be able to see the stitches much better.

+++ If you’ll be doing any gift projects using leather or suede, be sure to save ALL the scraps. These can be used for patches, trims, bindings, covering buttons, etc.

+++ To reduce the static cling and possibility of tangling of hand sewing thread, run the needle and thread through a laundry fabric softener sheet first, then proceed to do the hand sewing.

+++ Although most of you have all the tools needed for altering/ making patterns, we do have a category of sewing notions here on SewWithSarah.