Pattern Paper Recommendation

Whether you are a seamstress making clothing garments for customers, an alteration lady or a craft person, there is a regular need for some type of pattern paper.  In pattern making, it is mandatory that some type of pattern paper is used to make the patterns.

We sometimes tell people to check out their local newspaper office for “end rolls” of newsprint paper.  These end rolls sometimes have several yards left and they are very wide.  Grocery bags can also be used for making changes to patterns and for pattern making; however they would probably have to be cut apart and taped together for the bigger items.  The downside to the grocery bags and newsprint is that they are “paper”, which means they won’t last long.

The most practical type of pattern paper would be the type that could be re-used without tearing and can be pinned to fabric without tearing.

There is only one type of pattern paper that we recommend — which is non tearable and is washable and dryable!

The pattern paper we recommend is Pellon’s Easy Pattern 830 pattern paper.

Pellon’s Easy Pattern 830 pattern paper is 45″ wide and comes in 10 yard bolts, which I’ve found to be just the right amount for my current projects and have handy for additional projects.

 I use Easy Pattern 830 for every pattern I make, as well as for making craft patterns, and doing alterations on clothing items.  I have some patterns that were made over 15 years ago, and I can bring them out, press the pattern paper pieces, and they’re ready for me to use again.

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